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The BH Madness (Fun)
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Battle Hero Madness

after failing to arrange the Tenkaichi Budōkai do to lack of participants. gohan decided to go and train on his own, the path to unlocking his true power was yet unclear and gohan was wondering in the land fighting and looking for guidance. he decided to set a goal so hard it will keep him busy for some time now. this goal was to be a Battle Hero ten times in a single battle without using any unique items and buffs, only bread gifts and ammo. the goal was set in day 96. but it seems gohan underestimated his own power, or maybe his luck. because already in the first half of day 97 this goal was achieved.

Battle Hero 10 times in a single battle.
BH Madness

It is fair to say gohan went beyond his limits to achieve that (the battle was before the +140% damage ). the question is, how far will he go and what new challenges will he face now.

Even as gohan is not a weak fighter anymore, he is still very young and unexperienced. Want to take part in gohan's journey? Please offer new challenges and tasks that can push gohan to the limit and beyond!

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