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News from the front. (Military)
Posted 5 months ago by

During these 2 days the SSR and the allies did a really amazing job.
We were able to cut off our territory from the enemy. Immediately on two fronts.

Western Front. Day 25

First, on Sunday morning, we liberated Lviv. Then, with a powerful attack, St. Petersburg and Murmansk were liberated. To break the bridge, it remains only to return Kaliningrad.
But this was prevented by an attack from the East.

Eastern front. Day 25

In the most difficult battle, we were able to repel the attack on Omsk. This was Indochina's first lost initiative on this server.
Then we lost RW in Novosibirsk.
Then night came on. Time MU "Bikini Bottom"
During the night, these guys were able to liberate Irkutsk, Novosibirsk and several Chinese regions.

Day 26 Western Front.

In order to completely cut off the EU from our lands, we began RVs in Kaliningrad. And completed their task. The road to Moscow was free. Moscow has been liberated. The enemy had no chance.

Day 26 Eastern Front.

To restore production, we, besides Moscow, also needed a region with high iron. Therefore, we were the first to liberate Aldan. Then Surgut.
After that, it was time for a new attack.
On Ulgii. In a very difficult battle, we were able to keep the initiative and win.

I want to express my gratitude to all the inhabitants of the SSR who helped in this victory.
Big thanks to the allies. Especially our brothers from the Balkan League.
Special thanks to the guys from Bikini bottom. And their leader Perola . Because of these people, this server is still alive.

But the war is not over. Tomorrow we are waiting for new challenges.
Regards, your president Igor87

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